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Sustainable movements, ethical work practises and local artists are raising the bar for ethical initiatives, and carving their own way in the jewellery industry. A step off mass-produced pieces to handmade products that are created working towards a smaller environmental footprint are becoming more popular, with many more new brands adjusting to the positive luxury product demands. Platforms like La Maison Couture that are curating a vast number of designers, help to promote a great variety of artists that focus on responsible jewellery making, creating a brilliant discovery tool for both customers and other like-minded creators.


Since the 4th of March ZYDRUNE jewellery became available to purchase from La Maison Couture, providing an opportunity to have a selection of ZYDRUNE jewellery, alongside other ethically made designer products, all in one platform. On the website you will be able to find ZYDRUNE’s first collection titled ANOMALY, together with four made-to-order Gold and Black Diamond pieces from the collection titled MEDIEVAL.


‘‘It is an honour to join the La Maison Couture and have two of my collections in their all-in-one ethical and sustainable jewellery platform. So many of us don’t really know how or where the jewellery is made, and how to be sure that the purchased item meets Fairtrade guidelines. On the other hand, La Maison Couture provides all that by promoting only fair, sustainable and ethical jewellery brands. It is a brilliant platform to discover.’’ – Zydrune


La Maison Couture was founded in 2008 by an aspiring woman Tania McNab. With the background of Fashion & Textiles, Tania first embarked on the path of being a fashion buyer and merchandise director, working for prestige department stores like Harrods, Harvey Nichols and boutiques, such as Browns. After moving to the countryside of East Sussex with her family, Tania found it difficult to endure outstanding luxury products without having to travel to London. For this reason, she decided to create a virtual online store called La Maison Couture, with all-in-one place for the best luxury products, including Home & Accessories and Jewellery, directing customers to trustworthy brands. In 2015 Tania has re-launched the brand, making it more jewellery focused. Concerns about the environment also influenced her choice to stock only sustainable, Fairtrade and ethically made products, created by responsible jewellery makers. La Maison Couture Jewellery Room became one of the most visited rooms on LMC, providing customers with an opportunity to discover responsible makers, independent brands and exquisite ethically made jewellery designs.


‘‘It’s since been our mission to embrace the imperative of responsible resourcing; to seek, support, and promote luxury jewellery brands committed to ensuring sustainable and ethical production; to reassure our customers that they are purchasing meaningful jewellery pieces, from brands with a positive impact on our planet’s people and resources.’’ – Tania


Since 2015 La Maison Couture has sourced and promoted a wide range of responsible luxury jewellery brands from all over the world, giving customer’s the joy of outstanding contemporary and fine jewellery that is kind to both people and the planet. Their aim to push boundaries by promoting sustainability focused jewellery practises helped many customers to discover wonderful ethical jewellery products and encouraged to ‘buy better’. It is encouraging to see a positive change in the jewellery industry with many jewellery designers becoming more responsible. Therefore, platforms like La Maison Couture that help so many different designers to connect and be collectively presented to the public, make a huge impact on people’s awareness of ethically made product variety and positive luxury choices.


‘‘By promoting luxury brands that use ethically sourced materials and have a positive impact on social and environmental change, we hope to play a part in changing the jewellery industry for the better.’’ – La Maison Couture


Visit La Maison Couture to discover a wide range of sustainable and ethically made jewellery, including ZYDRUNE.

ANOMALY, and MEDIEVAL collections are exclusively available on ZYDRUNE and LMC websites only.

ZYDRUNE Jewellery at La Maison Couture Blog Post.
ZYDRUNE Jewellery at La Maison Couture Blog Post. Designer profile.