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Zydrune Auksoriute – woman jewelry designer and the person behind the brand of exceptional craftsmanship and high-quality jewellery. Her high-end, modern and ethically made jewellery designs reflect the needs of today’s woman lifestyle. As a result, bringing back the importance of creativity and ethical production, alongside sophisticated and sustainable jewelry design practice.

Close-up of a woman wearing shiny high-end fashion outfit and ZYDRUNE Celestial jewellery.

”You never really know a woman until you’ve seen her jewellery.” – unknown

‘‘ZYDRUNE jewellery journey began in 2015. A year that I like to call a core foundation of my jewellery brand. It was the time that I finally developed my unique style, and also created a product that held my values. Altogether, I was proud to not only wear and create my jewellery, but also present it to the public.


Jewellery has been my interest from the young age, but it highly developed and changed throughout the years. What was once mostly a game, now became an important aspect of my life. The responsibility and thoughtfulness of the product making came together with the knowledge of environmental impact, and the possibility to make a little change in the fast and disposable fashion, including jewellery, industry. The jewellery I am interested in is handcrafted, ethical and sustainable. An item that lasts for decades rather that one single season. Quality product. That is my priority.


ZYDRUNE jewellery is for people who appreciate handmade beauty, like to be visible and noticed, and have a very exceptional chic taste. It is for people who want to express themselves in an authentic designer made product that is both elegant and modern. And, of course, for all those interested in a different ethical and sustainable jewellery creation. That balance fascinates me.’’ – Zydrune

Woman jewelry designer ZYDRUNE in the workshop selecting finest gemstones for her jewellery.
ZYDRUNE in the workshop soldering a ring from the collection titled Celestial.

JEWELLERY EDUCATION: design course in Scotland, jewellery making in America and Goldsmith’s Precious Metal Bursary Award


Zydrune’s education takes us back to Lithuania where she grew up. Her early creative potential resulted in enrolment to private Art classes which, alongside school activities, took 4 years to complete. Zydrune was taught many art subjects such as painting, drawing, ceramics, sculptural plasticity and many more. On the other hand, at school she was focusing on mathematics, biology, chemistry and foreign languages. Zydrune’s passion for arts and design influenced her choice of further education. As a result, a very ambitious young woman moved to Scotland to pursue her career. A goal of becoming a successful woman jewelry designer.


Zydrune graduated from University of Dundee with the best grades in her field and was recognised by The Goldsmiths’ Company. For this reason, in the year of 2016, she secured the most prestigious ‘Goldsmith’s Precious Metal Bursary Design Award’. In addition, she received a monetary support from the company to re-create her designs in precious metals. “It was indeed a huge support at the time’’ – designer admits. Besides her studies in Scotland, Zydrune also attended University of North Texas. According to designer, UNT provided the highest level of education in jewellery making which heavily influenced her future skills and style.


Zydrune has also been qualified as a GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) professional in Diamond Essentials, Colored Stone Essentials and Jewelry Essentials subject fields.




“The main reason I started designing jewellery was not only because of my love for it, but more for the identified need of a high-end quality jewellery. I wanted to create a product that looked and felt good, and involved only ethical production too. A product that is 100% handmade in the U.K. Knowing how much work these days is done in the Third World countries, including child labour and difficult work conditions, I wanted to be clear to deliver a different message. Therefore, I wanted my jewellery to tell a bigger story not only for this generation, but also for many more that will come. My goal was to become a high-end woman jewelry designer that strives to be better, in both ethical and sustainable jewellery making.’’ – Zydrune


After graduation from universities, Zydrune moved to London to pursue her career. Due to her ambitious nature, she self-directed fashion shows for independent brands, presented her jewellery at Milan Fashion Week and was interviewed by Lithuanian television. In addition to that, a young designer exhibited in both London and Scotland. As a result, bringing her career goal closer and closer to reality. Designer also worked for the brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Ulysse Nardin and Stephen Webster. ‘‘I never said no to hard work. I knew that to reach my goal of creating a successful jewellery brand will require huge amount of knowledge and commitment, but I was ready to do all it takes. Working for other brands gave me the right knowledge and experience, which I applied to my own jewellery brand.’’ – Zydrune


Till this very day Zydrune is very passionate of what she does and what really matters to her brand, and welcomes anyone with similar interests into her world.

”Act as if what you’re doing makes a difference. It does.” – William James

ZYDRUNE Jewellery Designer Portrait. Zydrune is wearing MEDIEVAL collection jewellery.

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