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Discover a new destination of modern, ethical and sustainable ZYDRUNE jewellery. Find timeless beauty that compliments your style or create your own jewellery together with the designer.

Signature Designs

ZYDRUNE’s private bespoke service celebrates unique and one-of-a-kind jewellery. Designed to mark precious moments, jewels made in the designer’s central London workshop convey time-honoured techniques as well as modern innovations.

Meticulously designed and made, each jewellery item speaks about the designer’s craftsmanship and expertise. Moreover, creates joy and happiness for the wearer. Discover the most beautiful ZYDRUNE modern creations.

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Awarded with The Goldsmiths’ Precious Metal Design Award

In-House Making

Each ZYDRUNE jewellery item is handmade in the local central London workshop. From the hand-drawn sketches to the final pieces of bespoke jewellery. A spectacular fusion of traditional jewellery making techniques as well as cutting-edge technology is used to create all jewellery items.

Handcrafted in 18-karat yellow, rose and white golds, platinum or silver. ZYDRUNE special jewels are made to bring love that will last for generations.

Zydrune Jewellery Contemporary Earring Making At The London Workshop

Modern Bespoke Heirloom

Starting with the idea that is passed through highly skilled hands, all ZYDRUNE jewellery is made using only ethical work practises. Created in recycled and Fairmined precious metals and enriched with ethically sourced gemstones and diamonds.

Your own modern heirloom, special engagement ring or a precious sentimental jewellery will be made together with the designer in London. A city with the prestigious history of luxury manufacturing. Contact Us with your request.

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Zydrune Jewellery Ethically Made Lab Grown Diamonds And White Sapphires Jewelry

Ethical Jewellery

ZYDRUNE jewellery is made using the best quality materials and ethical work practices. Careful selection of metals, gemstones and diamonds, both natural and Lab grown, enables the brand to create a spectacular bespoke jewellery.

All of the materials used are either sourced through local suppliers, ensuring ethical supply chain, or recycled. Above all, ZYDRUNE encourages to reuse old gemstones and precious metals, and get them incorporated in the new bespoke jewellery.

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Previously sold at Harvey Nichols, Wolf & Badger and La Maison Couture

ZYDRUNE’s Jewellery Approach


ZYDRUNE’s signature style combines traditional craftsmanship with a modern, innovative approach. As a result, bringing to life timeless pieces created to highlight individuality. ZYDRUNE believes that mass production weakens the value of the item. Therefore, the designer pays full attention to the finest outcome of unique jewellery. Extraordinary and authentic jewels not only stand out in the crowd, but also highlight the wearer’s personality. Each high-end designer’s jewellery creation looks both exclusive and luxurious, making a person wearing it feel the same way. Handcrafted in the heart of London, ZYDRUNE jewellery designs are very well thought and perfected by the maker to please even the most demanding needs. Which as a result, proves the designer’s established unique style followed by customers from all over the world.

Bespoke Process of Your Jewellery


The process of creating bespoke jewellery starts with the idea first. Followed by request made to ZYDRUNE. Firstly, we will provide you with the quote and time frame needed for the production. After the approval and payment, ZYDRUNE will start working on the design sketches. Every single aspect of bespoke jewellery will be customised and tailored to your personal needs, and made in London. Therefore, you will also be provided with the finest ethically sourced gemstones. Diamond options, including GIA certified and Lab grown, will also be available on request. Finally, after the approval of design sketches, our team will start handmaking your bespoke jewellery.


Bespoke ZYDRUNE jewellery service starts from £1,500 (one thousand fife hundred pounds). Bespoke jewellery manufacturing usually takes 6 – 8 weeks to complete. Jewellery items made are non-refundable.




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