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Jewellery is not just a simple piece of accessory; rather, it is a wearable masterpiece that evokes cherished memories every time it is adorned. Whether it’s a necklace passed down from generations or a bracelet bought on a special occasion, jewellery carries much more than materialistic value. Each piece holds a story, a sentiment, and a connection to the person who gave it or the occasion it was acquired. Thus, jewellery is not just a mere decoration but a treasure that encompasses emotions and brings joy to the wearer.

”Unapologetic craftswomanship. Amazing contemporary and timeless statement pieces designed and made to leave a mark in modern memories.” – Cynthia

”It is more than just jewelry, it is a feeling of uniqueness, passion and love – all her pieces are made with extreme care and creativity – I think this is my favourite jewelry I’ve ever worn – thank you, Zydrune!” – Justina

”I’ve watched this jewellery from early on and it’s only gone from beautiful to stunning. Absolutely love every piece that they have done. That’s very rare for me to like everything.” – Andrew

”Zydrune’s work is a beautiful expression of herself. Unique, bold and professional.” – Gina

”Made by a talented and prolific young woman, these authentic designs will compliment your style and is a go-to-choice for me for any occasion.” – Lina

”High quality, beautiful and unique design. Zydrune’s jewelry will give an exclusive luxury spice to each style. Love it.” – Mintaute

”Love the brand and the design! Quite recently purchased a ring for myself and I could not be happier! The design is amazing and every single detail is so very well thought. Branding and packaging is extremely beautiful and very high-end, and it’s all made by hand which means that no other piece will be exactly the same. Highly recommend!” – Angeles

”Zydrune’s work is really one-of-a-kind. I love the unique complexity of her jewelry. Craftsmanship and quality is always on point and her pieces are always eye-catching!
I have a lot of love and respect for this wonderful artist. She’s very skilled and talented. It was a lovely experience getting to see her work up close!” – Tammy

”This jewellery brand is one of my ultimate favourites.
I found Zydrune jewellery about 4 years ago and have from then on been obsessed with her beautiful handmade and one-off jewellery. Zydrune focuses on making every customer feel special and ultimately just as unique as her jewellery. Something you rarely see in today’s age.” – Laila

Signature Designs

ZYDRUNE offers a private bespoke service that creates unique and one-of-a-kind jewellery to commemorate special moments. The designer meticulously designs and crafts each item with precision and care, ensuring that every piece is symbolic and meaningful. Each piece is made using only ethically sourced gemstones and diamonds, ensuring that every design is infused with elegance and sustainability. The result is a collection of modern, unforgettable jewellery that embodies the designer’s commitment to quality and responsibility.

Awarded with The Goldsmiths’ Precious Metal Design Award
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In-House Making

ZYDRUNE jewellery pieces are crafted by hand in a central London workshop, using a combination of traditional techniques and modern technology. Each item is carefully designed from initial sketches to the finished product, ensuring a bespoke and unique piece of jewellery. The quality craftsmanship is evident in every detail, making these pieces a true work of art. The designer’s bespoke service celebrates the beauty and individuality of jewellery, offering a personal touch to create a piece that will be cherished forever.

Handcrafted in 18-karat yellow, rose and white gold, and platinum. ZYDRUNE’s special jewels are designed to capture the essence of love and commitment.

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Zydrune Ethically And Sustainably Made Designer Jewelry Workshop In London
Zydrune Lab Grown Diamond And Gemstone Jewellery Making At The Workshop London
Zydrune Jewellery Ethically Made Lab Grown Diamonds And White Sapphires Jewelry

Ethical Jewellery

ZYDRUNE jewellery is made using only the finest materials and adhering to ethical work practices. Every piece is created with a meticulous eye for detail and design, using a combination of natural and lab-grown diamonds and gemstones. The brand prides itself on its careful selection of materials and sources them from reliable local suppliers whenever possible. The designer also encourages to reuse old gemstones and precious metals. As a result, producing stunning jewellery that is both beautiful and socially responsible.

With ZYDRUNE, you can wear jewellery with pride, knowing that it has been created with care and consideration for both people and the planet.

Previously sold at Harvey Nichols, Wolf & Badger and La Maison Couture
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ZYDRUNE’s Jewellery Approach


ZYDRUNE’s signature style combines traditional craftsmanship with a modern, innovative approach. As a result, bringing to life timeless pieces created to highlight individuality. ZYDRUNE believes that mass production weakens the value of the item. Therefore, the designer pays full attention to the finest outcome of unique jewellery. Extraordinary and authentic jewels not only stand out in the crowd, but also highlight the wearer’s personality. Each high-end designer’s jewellery creation looks both exclusive and luxurious, making a person wearing it feel the same way. Handcrafted in the heart of London, ZYDRUNE jewellery designs are very well thought and perfected by the maker to please even the most demanding needs. Which as a result, proves the designer’s established unique style followed by customers from all over the world.

Your Bespoke Jewellery

ZYDRUNE specializes in designing and crafting bespoke jewellery tailored to your specific preferences and budget. Our expert team of artisans will bring your dream jewel to life from our studio, ensuring a unique piece that fits perfectly within your price range. Trust us to create a stunning and unforgettable heirloom that will symbolize your love and commitment for a lifetime.


ZYDRUNE offers exquisite jewelry pieces crafted from 18-karat gold, platinum, and precious gemstones. Clients may request diamond options such as GIA certified and lab-grown. Each piece is designed and crafted with the utmost care, ensuring exceptional quality and elegance.


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