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ZYDRUNE Anomaly 'Neve' multiple Sterling Silver chain and Silicon Carbide statement necklace.


£950.00 / €1,092.50



Inspired by the glacier ice, partly melted, reformed and refrozen, ANOMALY ‘Neve’ chain necklace reflects its inspiration source. The central piece of the necklace represents enormous pressure, which is needed for Neve to occur, whereas multiple chains link back to the accumulated snowfall. Each individual part of the necklace also strikes with a great design intricacy. As a result, making designer’s work a true statement piece and one-of-a-kind unique jewellery creation.


Handcrafted in the heart of London by ZYDRUNE, keeping innovative and ethical jewellery making at the forefront of the production.


Made using recycled Sterling Silver
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The combination of strength, rigidness and flammable femininity in the jewellery series, ANOMALY, express how incompatible and unusual can change the perception of normal. Designed and made by ZYDRUNE, this breathtaking collection displays Silver jewellery handmade in the U.K. The extremely intriguing designs of statement rings, handcrafted earrings, chain bracelets and Silver necklaces, reflect fascinating powers of nature and remind us of both, natural and unnatural occurrences that appear. Like snow falling on warm soil during the summer, ANOMALY collection will take your breath away.



-Sterling Silver

-Silicon Carbide



ANOMALY ‘Neve’ Silver necklace will look best together with the ‘Dendrite’ ring. Boldness and design intricacy in both pieces will make a true statement, and help to create a designer’s signature look. Therefore, it will also provide an opportunity to own an authentic one-off jewellery. If you are going for the full ANOMALY image, ZYDRUNE recommends adding ‘Vein Ice’ Silver chain bracelet, as well as ‘Hail’ and ‘Verglas’ stacking rings. Engraved textures in Sterling Silver necklace and rings will look extremely well together, and create an exceptional jewellery combination. Each one of ZYDRUNE pieces are also handmade in the U.K., keeping ethical and sustainable jewellery making at the forefront of the production. Enjoy an opportunity to own one-of-a-kind exceptional jewellery creation.


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As every jewellery piece is crafted by a hand, each individual design will slightly vary from one another.


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