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Classic and refined, timeless black is the ultimate guide of elegance. Its is known for a fact, if it is a dinner or event, casual meeting or a ball, the lavish black will be the ultimate number one choice. But what about the jewellery? How to stand out in a crowd in an elegant and different way? ZYDRUNE’s New collection SS’20 CELESTIAL ‘In The Space You Can’t Cry’ captures the perfect colour lustre and design delicacy making it a statement collection to compliment colour black for any occasion. Fully handmade designs not only guarantee the exceptionality and uniqueness but also highlights the epitome of modern and contemporary elegance. Designed to turn heads and crafted to perfection, this delicate and striking collection will make you feel glamorous and unique no matter the occasion.

Elegant model with gemstone jewellery from Celestial collection.
Model in lavish black dress wearing Zydrune high-end gemstone jewellery set.
Model in lavish black dress wearing Zydrune high-end gemstone jewellery.
Model holding lilies next to her face and wearing Zydrune gemstone jewellery collection.
Close-up image of model facing the camera and wearing Zydrune stacking Topaz rings.
Portrait of model with lilies wearing Zydrune statement ring and earrings.
Model dressed in black elegant dress, holding lilies and wearing Zydrune gemstone jewelry.
Model with lilies wearing Zydrune ethically made gemstone jewellery.
Close-up of model with Zydrune multi gemstone Celestial earrings.
Portrait of beautiful model with lilies, wearing Zydrune gemstone rings, earrings and necklace.
Close-up of model hands holding lilies and wearing Zydrune stacking rings and Topaz bracelet.