Blue Earrings London | ZYDRUNE | Celestial Fox Fur Earrings
Zydrune Celestial 'Fox Fur' blue Topaz earrings.


£690.00 / €793.50

Inspired by the Fox Fur Nebula located in Monoceros, CELESTIAL ‘Fox Fur’ earrings were created to impress. Their elegantly bold design and excellent balance between Silver and Sky-Blue Topazes reflect the bright light of the young stars. Excellent choice for both daily and night wear choices.


Made from start to finish in our London workshop, CELESTIAL ‘Fox Fur’ earrings not only add a different twist to your jewellery routine but also support a local and ethical jewellery making. ‘In The Space You Can’t Cry’.

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CELESTIAL ‘In The Space You Can’t Cry’ is unapologetic romance that blends reality into a lustful dream. The first collection by the designer full of bright colourful rings, blue earrings, bracelets and necklaces. It is a poetry of stars, happiness and joy, and timeless love that fills your heart with music. It is a dream to explore the unknown, craziness and a wild ride on the road that takes you somewhere you belong. Can You make the night dance for you? The darkness whispers in your ear. My dark colourful nocturnal…



-Sterling Silver

-Sky Blue Topazes



To complete the look for eye-catching effect, combine CELESTIAL ‘Fox Fur’ blue earrings with the handmade ‘NGC 6960’ bracelet-bangle hybrid and a few iconic rings from the collection. Unique design of the earrings makes them easy to match with pretty much anything, but don’t be afraid of adding more colours. CELESTIAL ‘Supernova 1006’ Pink Tourmaline ring will look stunning stacked together with ‘Orion Nebula’ and ‘Mintaka’, and complement ‘Fox Fur’ blue earrings extremely well. The combination of Diamonds, Citrines, Tourmalines and Topazes is not only classic but very extravagant. Wear your selection with the best white classic suit, or highlight a casual denim outfit. No matter the case or the occasion, this combination of jewellery will guarantee to make your look both fashionable and exceptional.


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