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Modern, bold and architectural – ring, created to represent a city of New York. With the same name as the city, this Celestial ring is leading back to some of the most astonishing highlights of the place: skyscrapers, the sizes of buildings and the skyline above them. Sterling Silver construction of the main body gives an architectural insight of intrigue and complexed exteriors while the tension setting is highlighting characterised innovations. All handmade, this ring would not have its spirit without the stone. Silicon Carbide portraits the skyline and gives design unbelievably strong final touch. And last but not least, for all exceptional taste, ZYDRUNE added something to the ring that is only to be seen by its wearer – a Golden line (Keum-Boo) was infused to the inside of surface for that last delicate final touch.

Zydrune's signature contemporary jewelry design. NY ring.
Close-up image of the stone used for Zydrune NYC ring. High-end exclusive jewellery.
Zydrune highly exclusive NYC ring, top view.
Detail from Zydrune NYC ring making process.
Zydrune’s signature design of exclusively one-off NYC ring.
Zydrune exclusive jewellery. Back view of the NYC ring.
Top view of Zydrune’s signature NYC ring exclusive design.
Zydrune bespoke jewellery. Handmade NYC ring.