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March Birthstone pendant with Aquamarine by ZYDRUNE.


£170.00 / €195.50

The birthstone of March, Aquamarine, is known as a ‘‘Stone of Happiness and Everlasting Youth’’. It represents purity, hope, truth, and encourages trust and loyalty. Aquamarine radiates with the calming energy, and promotes empathy and kindness. It inspires creative expressions, enables owner to access inner wisdom, and acts as a talisman of good luck and protection. Aquamarine is known to encourage a lover to return and help two people to live in harmony, and is given for the 19th wedding anniversary or as a love token to increase commitment. As well as that, Aquamarine is also considered as the most appropriate morning gift from the groom to a bride.


Hand-finished in the local London workshop, birthstone pendant of March is made of 18K Gold Vermeil coated Sterling Silver and a single Aquamarine. The pendant displays one fully polished and one matt side, and features an 18-inch fine chain. A perfect ethically made present for birthdays, Christmas, 19th wedding anniversaries, wedding gift for a bride or a childbirth.

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The birthstone pendant collection exhibits jewellery encrusted with gemstones, specific for the particular month of the year. Each with a special meaning behind, they display a pop of colour and an elegant design. Created by ZYDRUNE and handcrafted in London, birthstone pendants are made with gemstones such as: Diamonds, Amethysts, Aquamarines, Citrines, Emeralds, Garnets, Pearls, Peridots, Rubies, Sapphires, Tanzanites, Topazes and Tourmalines. A unique birthstone jewellery is a meaningful present and a thoughtful way to express love. An elegant everyday addition to your loved one’s personal collection.



-18K Gold Vermeil

-Sterling Silver




Classic birthstone pendants are created for everyday needs. Their unique designs provide both beauty and comfort, and can easily manifest your day or evening wear. They look good when worn at home combined with a casual everyday outfit, and absolutely stunning with any going out dress. The mystical gemstone properties, in each one of the pieces, also serve as an empowering talisman for the wearer, highlighting the importance of inner strength and good luck. The charm of this collection comes from the simplicity and wearer’s personality. Whether you are going to wear your March birthstone pendant on its own, or combined together with other jewels, it will always manifest a special energy – an expression of one’s love to you strengthened by the March birthstone jewellery.


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