Diamond Earrings | ZYDRUNE | Gold Vermeil | Black Diamonds
ZYDRUNE Medieval ‘Corset Lace Orb’ black Diamond and Gold Vermeil coated Sterling Silver earrings.


£2,030.00 / €2,334.50



Inspired by the Queen’s Orb and corset lace, and the idea that symbols of strength and power should always be with us, MEDIEVAL ‘Corset Lace Orb’ Diamond earrings envision ZYDRUNE’s perception of beauty and resilience. Made with orb and lace like fragments, earrings benefit of lustrous Gold finish and the finest Black Diamonds. Discover collection of charming high-jewellery with a delicate symbolic aesthetic.


Handmade in London using Gold Vermeil coated Sterling Silver and 120 Black Diamonds for the glorious effect, the ‘Corset Lace Orb’ earrings declare both exquisite artistry of the making and design intricacy.


Made using recycled and Fairmined metals and ethically sourced Diamonds
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MEDIEVAL ‘The Queen’ is one of ZYDRUNE’s most iconic collections inspired by the Middle Ages, the times were women had to completely obey the man and know ‘their place’ in a very traditional society. The corset while glorifying and idealising female form was also constricting, whereas the Queen’s Orb meant not only power but also a constant fight and sacrifice for one’s rights in a world strongly ruled by men. These two very prominent objects were taken by ZYDRUNE to represent constraints and fight for fair rights, as a result reinforcing the idea of strong and empowering women. Welcome back ‘The Queen’. Handcrafted in Gold Vermeil coated Sterling Silver and Black Diamonds.



-18K Gold Vermeil

-Sterling Silver

-120 Black Diamonds



Create an iconic look that draws attention to well-developed taste and style by pairing ‘Corset Lace Orb’ Diamond earrings  with the Corset Lace’ ring. The matching pair is a perfect classic combination that manifests your day and evening wear as an elegant addition. High jewellery set promises an empowering look as well as the luxury of 18K Gold Vermeil and Medieval Black Diamonds. ZYDRUNE’s attention to detail and fineness of Diamond earrings design guarantees timelessness and exclusivity. Therefore, celebrating a love for craftsmanship, exquisite design and empowering women. Embrace yourself with the elegant and unique addition of ZYDRUNE’s latest collection. Discover new Orb’ Gold Vermeil pendant, matching Single Orb’ earrings and a beautiful Orb’ Diamond bracelet. It feels good to be yourself in a fabulous and remarkable jewellery.


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